Why Are We So Cutty Towards Each Other?

Earlier Chris and I were at Pride Fest, the now-two-day festival before the Pride Parade on Sunday, and we saw a group of guys that I happen to know. So, being courteous, I went up and spoke to them. One of them turned on the fakeness (because he really doesn't like me...I wonder why?) and spoke. The other, well, here's how the conversation went.....

"Hello Mr. HOOKER, how ARE you Mr. HOOKER? Hey Shelby, it's Mr. HOOKER, you know Mr. HOOKER don't you?"

First of all, it's wonderful that you know my last name, but don't bash it into the ground being cutty. You do that in elementary school, not as an adult. Secondly, please, use my first name ONLY, the whole world doesn't need to know what my last name is.

But back to Pride Fest. I didn't talk about the fact that he couldn't cut it with black folks so he had to turn exclusively to another race (he's black himself), nor did I talk about how his bald head makes it look like a peanut on top of an elephant. No, I took it in stride for about 2 minutes and then Chris and I left.

Now I'm sure people are going to say "you just cut him in your post", but no, I actually didn't. There is a difference. I didn't say it to his face, although I thought it, I didn't say it. I was the bigger man in that instance and kept my mouth shut. I only said it here to illustrate what type of individual he is for my readers.

Needless to say, tomorrow is Pride day, and I'm sure there will be quite a few individuals that will be very cutty, so Chris and I have already said that we would go to the parade, go up to the afterset, stay for a very short time, and then HIT IT.

More updates tomorrow.

End Transmission.

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