You know what? I get it.

It's been about two months since I've last posted, and for that I'm sorry. I didn't mean to neglect my blog readers.

But I'm going to come back to the blogging world by saying....I get it.

What do I get?

I get why there is a growing percentage of black gay men that want nothing to do with other black gay men. I understand now why they feel that way. I understand why when another black man speaks, they keep it to "hello" and keep it moving. I understand why they don't want to be intimate with another black male, opting instead for puerto ricans, mexicans, and...caucasians.

Why you may ask?

Because there is a large percentage of black gay men that are full of shit. They have issues, love to play games, love to lie and just be stupid. I'm not talking specifically in a romantic or hookup sense, but in the sense of even being an associate.

I'll give you an example:

Tonight, an associate that I've known for a while named Brandon (that is his real name) was supposed to come hang with me, chill and catch up. He allegedly gets downtown and allegedly gets on the bus, and allegedly gets mad at the bus and allegedly gets off. The only problem with all of that is we have this neat gadget called...


Yes, we can track all of our buses on the web! (http://www.ctabustracker.com) I asked him what the bus number was, and he gave a bus number that wasn't even in the CTA fleet. Not only that, bus while the "bus" was allegedly in motion, there was no bus to match where he was telling me that he was. Then he went further to insult my intelligence by telling me he eventually ended up at an intersection THAT DOES NOT EXIST. (For you Chicagoians out there, tell me there's no intersection of Roosevelt Road and Cottage Grove Avenue.)

Unfortunately, this person is black. He is not the first person I've tried to socialize with of color that has not been full of shit. Now, I'm NOT saying that all black men are full of it, just the vast majority. My husband is black and not full of shit, and he is one of a FEW that I will continue to socialize with.

Here's another example:
I was on the lakefront a few days ago, minding my business, when I saw this guy that I really knew about a year ago. We started talking and I thought that we could continue our conversation a little later. When I proposed that, he started coming up with all of these excuses why he "couldn't" talk later. (When I say later, I don't necessarily mean later that same day.) All he had to do was just say that he didn't want to talk later for whatever the reason, and that would be the end of it.

Why, black men, do most of you continue to play this game? There are a few of us out there that are looking for genuine friends, associates, or whatever, and you're hurting it for us out there. If you want to be on some bullshit, may I suggest you take a running start and jump into the middle of Lake Michigan. In February.

End Transmission.

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