Craziness at the Second Storey

So this evening I went to the Second Storey Bar for a drink after work and saw one of the craziest things ever.

I saw one of my church members there and we started to have a conversation. He introduced me to one of his friends, who was a bit overserved. Standing next to him was an older (like 65+) caucasian guy. The two of them couldn't keep their hands off of each other. The black guy (who was VERY feminine by the way) was all in my business. I told him I was married and every black guy that walked into the bar was my partner as far as he was concerned. All of this while the older white guy was touching, caressing, and eventually, putting his tongue down his throat. Ewwww......

Then this masculine, attractive white guy walks in, and we try to have a conversation. Unfortunately the queeny black guy (who by now has had two more drinks), forced his way into our conversation, starting grabbing the guy, going under his shirt to grab his chest hair, and finally his dick, all of this while the older white guy was grabbing on the black guy, and eventually, grabbing on the white guy that was attempting to talk to me.

At that point, seeing a visual of the three of them attempting to have sex, I nearly threw up, and decided to go home.

End Transmission.

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