Yet Another Reminder Why I Don't Go Out

So this evening I went out to this club called Spin in the Lakeview neighborhood with Chris. The club was having a fundraiser for TPAN (Test Positive Aware Network) and I try to support them in any way I can. It was a $5 suggested donation and an open bar for the first hour and a half of the event. I have a slight issue with open bars because as soon as the taps shut off, the people leave...and they don't stick around for the real event. Tonight was of no exception.

But the reminder came when my friend Thomas was introducing me to several people that he was hanging out with. One guy (who's name I won't print here) was obviously drunk, drunk to the point where it was obnoxious...AND THE OPEN BAR HAD ONLY BEEN GOING FOR ABOUT 15 MINUTES.

How was he obnoxious? I'm so glad you asked. First, he crossed the line with me by putting his hands all over Chris' back while he was at the bar. I can understand a pat on the back but when you start rubbing your hands all over him, it's time for me to step in, which I did, very nicely I might add. The guy (hell, I'll say it, his name starts with a J) says something along the lines of "black people don't age", to which I responded "are you talking about him" pointing to Chris. He says "yeah, I don't think he's even 30 years old", to which I said "he's 32". I guess two plus two kicked in because he asked me "is that your boyfriend" to which I said "no, he's not my boyfriend. He's my HUSBAND." He instantly backs away, and I think I'm done with him for the night, right?


He then comes up to me after Chris goes back to the bar to get me a bottle of water (thanks, baby) and tells me that he thinks I'm "hot" and that he would screw me with his 13 inch "friend". At this point I'm completely not feeling him anymore and just tell him "first of all you're not going to do that and secondly you need to slow down". He then finds one of Thomas' other friends, tongue kisses him in the bar and walks away, only to find TWO OTHER BOYS and starts kissing and hanging all over them. By the way, the first boy he tongue kissed was waiting outside of the bar for J when we left.

I guess alcohol will instantly make a 5 inch "friend" turn into 13 inches, because I can tell you, it ain't nowhere near 13. Size queens out there, be prepared to be very very disappointed.

End Transmission.


Jackie said...

You are married. CONGRATS! I am so very happy for you and your hubby.

Cocoa Rican said...

You have to hate when folks have a lack of respect for themselves...it just shows up in everyone they interact with. Glad you didn't let him ruin your night with the hubby.