5 Days - Keep the Olympics Away!

The number of days until the International Olympic Committee vote in Copenhagen. In 5 days it will either be a victory for those people in Chicago that don't want the Olympics, or a bitter defeat.
I am one of those individuals that does NOT want the Olympics here.

We have students being killed in the streets, but we want the damn Olympics.
We have one of the largest deficits in history, but we want the damn Olympics.
People are being laid off by the thousands, but we want the damn Olympics.
We have thousands of homeless people and aren't helping them, but we want the damn Olympics!

The average price of a ticket to see the games will be $75. SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS. The average person can't afford to keep their home now, so how in the hell will they be able to afford to go?

Our students can't even go to school because of the gangs and the threat of being killed. Our police department is undermanned by 14,000 officers and our Mayor (hail to the thief) won't negotiate a contract, hire more officers or give the officers that we have now a raise or the tools to combat the problems, but he and his cronies can find almost ONE TRILLION DOLLARS FOR THE DAMN OLYMPICS.

Do you know what we can do with ONE TRILLION DOLLARS?

- Adquately staff the Police Department

- Combat (and possibly end) the homeless problem

- Create more AFFORDABLE HOUSING (and to be clear, affordable housing does NOT mean $250,000-plus dollars)

- Improve transit options (how many people are sick of delays and bus-bunching!)

Those are the top four things that can be done, but no! We want to bring the damn Olympics here without taking care of the underlying problems.


Go Rio!

End Transmission.

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