Is racism alive? This blogger thinks so!

I know that racism truly isn't dead, but it's interesting when it comes in your face like it did today.

As a followup to yesterday's entry I contacted the property managers at both Kingsbury Plaza and Aqua to talk with them directly about my current dilemma with RAPEr and KRAMer (aka Draper and Kramer). I told them that I had paperwork in my custody that would pretty much clear up any issues. To sweeten the pot, I even gave them names and numbers of people they can contact to clear up everything, told them that I have sent such paperwork to the credit bureaus and to the rent verification services, and even offered to pay one year's rent up front. All of these things are true.

The property manager at Kingsbury Plaza, after defending her leasing agent Aaron, told me, in not so many words, that "whatever information I had was absolutely moot, and that if I didn't clear up these issues, (this last sentence is verbatim) I wouldn't be permitted IN HER BUILDING." First of all, do not EVER, EVER talk to me as if I'm a dog. ALLOWED IN YOUR BUILDING? WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I basically told her that I would accept the denial, not to worry about it, and hung up in her face.

The property manager at Aqua, while she was not as brazen as the manager at Kingsbury Plaza, heard everything that I had to say, explained her side of the story, said that she would "do some checking" and promised to call back later this morning.

Of course she didn't call back.

Where am I going with this?
You have a black male with money attempting to move into a majority white environment.

At Aqua, the only black person I saw on the grounds was the door person. At Kingsbury, same thing. At neither property did I observe any black tenants. Not to say that they don't have any, but I didn't see any. Another thing is that I'm gay and am married to a male, whom I will not hesitate to refer to as "my partner" to anyone. This includes the leasing staff and management. Now I'm willing to bet if I were either a white male, or if we were a white couple, or a college student, it would be absolutely no problem at all to move in. Hell, they might have given me the keys right at that point!

Well no more. I plan to put these complaints on any and all apartment rating websites I can think of. I may even go as far as filing complaints against these two properties. When you are in a position of authority and have the power to make exceptions or override something that is obviously false, and you immediately come out of your office sounding cheery, but then take one look at us and your tone goes down about two octaves and you start to appear very "stand-offish", something is wrong. It's your typical "black nigga syndrome". Ah, but don't worry property managers, I'm not your typical black thug coming in the building with my homies getting ready to smoke weed and drink and have loud parties. I don't have four baby mommas and six children. I'm not going to assault your tenants in the elevators. You know this is what a lot of white people think of black people. But I will tell you what I will do. I WILL pay my rent on time every month and be a respectable neighbor.

I just won't do it in your buildings. And I'm fine with that. Just remember, KARMA IS A BITCH.

End Transmission.


Cocoa Rican said...

How sad. Even if you decide to live elsewhere, it's important that you relay your allegations to the proper authorities so that these sort-of charges are recorded. There needs to be a trail (history) that can be accessed by outside agencies in the future. Good luck. It's always best to start a relationship (especially one that affects your safe haven...your home) on a good foot.

sacredly breathing said...

No, you shouldn't give up on this case. You should call in the ACLU and see if you can break down a barrier to this housing for anyone with the means to move in but not the enforcement of their rights. And to document any other problem you may have with your application for housing I suggest you have a white associate apply ahead of you so that they you can tell if they are lying to you about availability.