Conclusion of incident with Kingsbury Plaza

It looks like the saga with Kingsbury Plaza has come to a conclusion.

Yesterday I spoke with one of the higher-ups at The Habitat Corporation which manages Kingsbury Plaza, and I told him about the situation with the property manager. He was shocked to hear that she spoke to us in such a manner, apologized repeatedly, and told me that he "would talk to her". Of course all of this was after I told him that I spoke to counsel and that we absolutely would not reside in the building.

Then we talk about how the leasing agent was offering to cut a deal and accept a year's worth of rent ahead of time. He then comes to tell us that the deals that the leasing agent were attempting to make were totally improper. With that said, he was trying to break the rules to get us in the building??? I can see it now....we live there all of a good three months and all of a sudden we get a knock at the door. "Sir, we need you to leave the building because your acceptance was improper."

I have a strong feeling there will be changes at that building. Too bad we won't be there.

End Transmission.

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