CTA wants to raise fares....again

Well that didn't take long.

Once again the Chicago Transit Authority is crying "broke" and wants to raise fares. But this time, it's personal.

See the chart below (taken from the Chicago Tribune this morning):

THREE DOLLARS A RIDE FOR MAINLINE EXPRESS BUSES and the END of "certain" express service? But wait, here's what I find interesting about that. Only ONE express route that is being eliminated (the X80) SERVES THE NORTH SIDE. All the others serve the SOUTH, WEST AND SOUTHWEST SIDES. On top of that, ONE-HUNDRED TEN DOLLARS ($110) A MONTH FOR A MONTHLY PASS?

Suddenly I hear a loud crash and see a lot of dust rising from the outskirts of downtown Chicago. Oh wait, that's the CTA Headquarters on Lake Street imploding.

End Transmission.

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