The Perception Of Who Your Friends Really Are

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending time down in Atlanta and had a somewhat good time. It was Pride (didn't know until 2 days before leaving for Atlanta), it was chilly, and it was rainy. Some people down in the south were complaining that it was too cold, while I was very comfortable. Atlanta folks perceived it to be too cold, while I perceived it to be a little chilly, but comfortable.

Perception falls on many levels, whether it be the temperature, whether a car (or a person) is attractive or not, or even how you treat people that you call your friends. Allow me to give you my perception of something that happened while I was down in Atlanta.

I have two friends down there, both of whom will remain nameless...we'll call one "John" and the other "Raymond". "John" and "Raymond" both knew I was coming, they both had my flight arrangements and hotel arrangements. They both knew I was renting a truck and was coming not only to party, but to see both of them. When I landed safely in Atlanta (that will be another blog entry), I sent a text message to 3 people...Chris, "John" and "Raymond". Chris and "Raymond" both sent messages back almost immediately. "John" didn't respond, and when he did, it was this long spiel about being out with his boy and that he'd be free soon. This was 11:00am Atlanta Time.

"Raymond" showed up at my hotel at a little after noon. That's one hour after I landed. (Thanks, by the way.) I didn't hear back from "John" until well after 4:00pm. That's 5 hours after I land. Keep in mind, everyone knew my flight arrangements days in advance! At the time I heard back from him I was at Piedmont Park at Pride. I was asked to call back when I was leaving Pride. No problem. Left a voicemail (couldn't text while driving) and didn't hear back until WELL AFTER 9PM. By then, hell, I was on my way to the clubs. He said that he "fell asleep", but that's not my perception on the situation, based on experience.

Now here's my perception. If you didn't want to be bothered or if more important things cropped up (i.e. your boyfriend - but that should NEVER BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR FRIENDS), then SAY SOMETHING AND DON'T LEAVE A PERSON HANGING, OR STRING THEM ALONG. This isn't the first time that "John" has left me hanging, but it will be the last!

I'm quite sure that "John" will be reading this blog, and that's all good. I'm quite sure that all sorts of things (some true, most not) will be said following this. But I will say this: My feelings have been hurt for the last time. I now know who I can call on...and who I can't call on...the next time I'm in Atlanta.

End Transmission.

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Kevin Harold Gibson said...

Greetings Tim to you and Chris as you continue to celebrate your Holiday season together as one. May God's blessings continue to be upon you now and always. And get back to blogging. :)