Sorry late negroes

Something very funny happened tonight. This guy hits me up on Facebook and tells me, in no uncertain terms, that I still wanted to "give it up" to him. I was very polite and told him that I'm married and that we're not going to sleep together again.

What he said next really pissed me off.

He said "fuck yo man, he ain't got nothing to do with this".

It took everything within me not to go off on him, but then it hit me. Negro, you ain't about nothing, don't have anything and you're a sorry nigga. You're so sorry that you gotta try to get with a married man. You gotta try to force yourself on somebody! Don't you have any morals about yourself? Are you THAT DESPERATE???
When someone says NO, THEY MEAN NO.

Oh by the way, I removed him from my friends list and blocked him. You ARE the Weakest Link, GOODBYE!

End Transmission.

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