Monday night Chris and I attended a charity event for the Chicago Bulls, held at the Shedd Aquarium. It was a very nice event. We got to mingle with other people, enjoy some real good food and drinks, and have a real good time.

The highlight of the night was that we got to meet, mingle, and talk to ALL OF THE BULLS PLAYERS!

I will admit, I was a little intimated by them. You're in a room with these guys that are almost 7 feet tall (and in one or two instances, they ARE 7 feet tall). But after the liquid courage kicked in for both of us, we were walking right up and not only talking to the players, but getting autographs and pictures with them. It was truly a wonderful experience.

Now, to my personal comments.

James Johnson is ONE FINE BROTHA! Getting a photo with him was truly the highlight of my night. He's so laid back and down to earth...and did I mention FINE?

Derrick Rose is a very shy brotha. He's outgoing and focused on the court, but he seems like the type of person that needs to warm up to you - not a bad thing.

Taj Gibson....oh, Taj Gibson! Need I say more? See James Johnson, above.

Kirk Hinrich...definitely a cool guy. We chatted briefly as there was a mob of people trying to get to him. Wouldn't mind going out for a beer with him and shooting the breeze.

Joakim Noah...the tallest thing in the room. When Chris and I took a photo with him, I didn't even come up to his chest! Now I KNOW I'm short!

Coach Vinny Del Negro...I do not envy your job. I just hope you can get us into the playoffs.

Finally....the crazy point of the evening. We were all sitting at our designated table having dinner and conversation, when this lady comes up and goes ABSOLUTELY BALLISTIC that there's no room for her at the table. She seemed like she was on uppers, valium and a few other things. Her young son was truly embarassed and telling everyone "just ignore her, just ignore her!" Well hell, you can't ignore someone who is being very loud, obnoxious and very much "in your face".

I just kept eating, conversating, and dreaming about James Johnson and Taj Gibson.

End Transmission.

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