Good morning from DC!

Good morning everyone! I am broadcasting live from downtown Washington DC where I've had to come for some meetings.

Getting here yesterday was no easy task. I mean the plane ride was smooth as silk, but my problem wasn't with the plane or lack of turbulence. It was this one child that looked as if he were twelve or so traveling with these two older black ladies. The child constantly kicked the person's chair in front of him, stomped on the floor, got up when he was told not only by the ladies traveling but by the flight attendants to stay seated, and even stood up and ripped out the seat cushion during final approach! The people in front of him were getting very upset, as were the people behind him. Heck one third of the plane was getting upset with him! But alas, we finally arrived, and we all couldn't get off the plane fast enough.

Driving down from Baltimore was pretty easy. Traffic wasn't that bad and I was able to get into DC with no real problems. Meetings went OK; nothing to really write home about.

Last night I went to the Fireplace for a few drinks and saw a few people there that I know. My DC drinking buddy Tim decided he wanted to challenge me and tell me that he could "handle anything that I threw at him" (liquor-wise). So I said "ok I got you". He went to the restroom and when he came back, guess what was waiting for him?

A Jagermeister shot.

He took it though. And the water chaser behind it. And the three other special shots that his other friends bought him. Needless to say I now know how he acts when he gets completely drunk. And it ain't pretty. Hell it's downright ugly. You know that alcohol is a truth syrum, and he was telling the truth about a lot of things last night. Won't go into it here but it was very...interesting.

So....more meetings today and then tonight I'll be going to the Bachelor's Mill. Tomorrow I head back to Chicago to be with Chris, after a traumatic start to the weekend. This guy that we both know that lives in Richmond that was a very famous pastor down there was killed in an auto accident. Some fucking idiot decides to run from the Police, gets chased, runs a stop sign and hits the pastor, killing him instantly.

Now I'm usually not one for "an eye for an eye" but this time I'll make an exception. Give him the needle and get it over with.

End Transmission.

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