My 300th Post: Spare Some Change?

Welcome to my 300th Post!

"Spare some change?"

If you've been in downtown Chicago (or pretty much in any city's downtown), you've seen them. The homeless, and the "homeless". There is a difference between them! Let me explain...

The homeless (no quotes) are those people that are truly homeless. They have lost everything they have, either due to the economy or for various other reasons. They truly have nowhere to go, or they live in shelters.

The "homeless" (with quotes) are those people that are NOT homeless, and that are just trying to "hustle", instead of trying to find a real job. You can sometimes tell the difference between them, but not always. For instance, if someone asks you for a hot meal, buy them a HOT MEAL and see what they do with it. I wrote about this "homeless" guy running the same scam a few months ago who took food from someone and then threw it in the trash when the good samaritan got out of sight.

What really bothers me though is that some of the homeless and "homeless" think they are entitled to YOUR money, and treat begging as THEIR JOB. I was coming back from lunch this afternoon and this guy was standing on the corner, literally forcing his cup in everyone's faces, including mine. I brushed past him and kept on my way. Dude, this is NOT your job, and I am NOT paying your salary!

What can we, as a city, do about people such as these? One person joked and said we should "put all of the homeless and wanna-be homeless on a bus out of town". Although it sounds like a good idea, that would just be shuffling the problem from one area to the next.

Let's weigh in on that. Please comment. What can we, as a city, as a society, do about the homeless and "homeless"?

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Cocoa Rican said...

It almost feels like a sin to write this from a hammock on a beach in Puerto Rico, but my answer would be the same elsewhere...this is a very complicated issue. There are cases of mental illness and REAL bad luck among the reasons why folks end up homeless. I try not to judge and thank my lucky stars for what Im blessed with. That said, our money is best spent with legitimate charitable organizations that can make a real difference with regard to homelessness.

Tim said...

My fellow Rican -

I couldn't agree more.

Oh, and don't feel bad about being on a hammock on a beach in Puerto Rico. That'll be me in about 2 months. When you get back drop me an e-mail and I'll tell you about the New York that didn't make the blog.


"some of the homeless and "homeless" think they are entitled to YOUR money"

So true So True..I hate the guilt trip they lay when u decline to give them money ..SMH