North Side vs Everybody else

Last night I attended an Oscar Party thrown by the Center on Halsted. I donated a sizeable amount of cash to them, and in return they gave me two tickets to their big Oscar bash. As I'm driving down to the Fairmont Hotel, I'm thinking that this event will be very nice, it'll be a chance to network, meet new people and have a good time, right?


When I first walked in, I noticed the red carpet, the ladies (greeters) wearing their red dresses passing out champagne, and thought it would be a very nice classy event.


Upon entering the ballroom, I almost immediately felt uncomfortable. Out of nearly 250 people there, I could count on one hand how many African-American people were there, and still have a few fingers left over. Nearly everyone that walked past had this "omg-what-are-you-doing-here" look on their face when looking at me. (Some looked at me even worse than that.) I didn't think I offended; I was wearing a nice red Armani sweater and some True Religion jeans. Now, that isn't to say everyone there wasn't a prick; the greeters came up and we had nice conversation together, and one of the volunteers chatted me up for a while before reporting to his station.

Now, here's where I got a dose of harsh reality. There were raffle tickets being sold there to benefit the Center. Nice prizes, I might add. There were two members of the Chicago Fire Department there; one black, one Asian. The black guy didn't approach me once. The Asian guy came over to the area where I was standing, and asked everyone there if they wanted to purchase a raffle ticket. Everyone, except me.

North Side Mentality. What do I mean exactly? Most individuals that live in Chicago know that it is by far, the most segregated city in America. (Yes, even worse than San Francisco.) People on the North Side (especially in Boystown, Lakeview and Andersonville), no, strike that...caucasians, asians...heck just about everyone on the North Side tends not to like the company of, or speak to, African-Americans. It has been that way for many many years and will be that way for many more. It sickens me that we all as human beings treat each other in such a way. Why do I offend you such, because I have a different skin color as you? Because I wasn't brought up on the North Side?

I think it's bullshit.

Oh, you might be asking, what did I do after the Asian pretty much snubbed me? Simple. I finished my glass of wine, grabbed my coat check ticket, and left.

Give me an Oscar for Best Performance.

End Transmission.

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Cocoa Rican said...

Wow, I hate that I have friends in Chi-town and have never really been there to hang. When I drove for Greyhound (countless centuries ago) I stopped off in Chicago, but never stayed. I will say that NYC is the hub of snubbery, but I guess I'm either oblivious or too full of myself to think that anyone can ever take a grandiose stand around me. LOL BD would say oblivious! All said T, it's sad when folks take that approach the things. Anytime someone needs to feel better than someone else or have the notion that their fleeting personal attachments make them more valuable, the universe has a way of making all things even.

Stay well bruh! :)