Don't Lie To Cover Your Own Ass....Or Because You're Incompetent

I'm discovering something very interesting about a certain person that works with me.

Two days ago, I was on a conference call with the other admin assistants in my division, planning our All Hands meeting this week. A conversation came up about taking a tour of the DC campus buildings. One of the admins named Kimberly said that she would bring her SUV, but that it could only seat 5. Seeing as I knew I would be in DC a few days past the end of our meetings, I decided to offer to pick up my rental car early to add a few extra seats. I made mention that I usually get an upgrade to an SUV automatically, and this is how the conversation went:

Me: I can pick up my rental car on Tuesday evening, and I usually get an automatic upgrade to an SUV, so we'll have those seats.
Kimberly: "Well if you wanna be big balla shot caller and get your SUV upgrade, go ahead."

Now she said all of this on a conference call with other people. HOW UNPROFESSIONAL!

But wait! It gets better.

My manager, her manager (the vice-president), and the two of us got together for a meeting today. SHE BLATINTLY LIED IN THAT MEETING saying that those were not the words that she said (which they were), and when I brought up another time that she offended me, she first acted as if she didn't know what I was talking about, and then acted as if it was entirely my fault. Then, she mentions that she "took diversity training". What the hell does diversity training have to do with anything? Are you saying that because I'm a black openly gay male, you feel it necessary to try and secretly "cut" me? Finally, in her "apology" e-mail, she tells me in one line that she "apologizes", but in the next line says "apparently you're the only one in the company that has a problem with me". WTF???????

Let me tell you something Kimberly. EVERYONE IN THE ROOM knew that you lied. EVERYONE knows how full of manure you are. As long as you don't say anything to me, and I don't say anything to you, I think we'll be fine. But say another word to me in an offensive tone, and I will do everything in my power to see to it that you are SANCTIONED.

Have a great day.

End Transmission.

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Cocoa Rican said...

Does seem like a lot going on in the work place, but wherever there are people there will be disagreements, misunderstandings and inappropriate comments. I’m slowly managing to mellow-out as I mature and am less inclined to expend any energy carrying office politics further than the instant that they happen. That said, I am known for shutting it down so succinctly that those involved are left with a look of ‘did I just get turned-out? …and yes, chances are they did. Here’s my present day M-O: I ask myself, “If I could fast forward 5-years from this incident and look back on it, how much importance or relevance do I believe it would have on my life as a whole?” If the honest answer is that I wouldn’t even recall the incident, then it’s best to let it drop NOW rather than investing any real energy on it. You’re smart, you’re tough, now show folks that they are not worth your time and keep it moving. It’s a simple case of ignoring ignorance. Nothing says, ‘you ain’t shit,’ like someone not giving you the time of day. Keep passin’ the open windows… ;)