Wow...Fridays aren't supposed to be like this!

This is one of those Fridays that you know the devil is at work. It's chilly, rainy, dark and dreary. And yes, the devil is at work.

Two very interesting and scary things have happened in Chicago over the past 4 hours, one very close to where I work. (Both articles are courtesy of various news sources.)

First, Two people were killed in a shooting at the Old Navy store on State Street in downtown Chicago this morning. Police are investigating and it appears the shooting occurred downstairs in an employee-only area of the store. Customers said the store manager got them out. It is reported that a man walked into the Old Navy store and shot his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself, sending panicked shoppers pouring out onto State Street. (This is still developing at this hour.)

Then, Metra Chief Phil Pagano committed suicide this morning by walking in front of a Metra train, just hours before an emergency meeting in which the Metra board of directors planned to discuss Pagano's alleged misconduct.

This has been one hell of a day so far. And it's only noon. My prayers go out to the families of all involved individuals today.

End Transmission.

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