What the past two months has taught me..

Hello all. I decided to take a quick 2 month hiatus to focus on some other things. I chose to focus more so on family, relationships and finances, and I've learned a lot.

As I type this, I am on an Airtran aircraft heading down to Atlanta for the weekend. It was placed on my heart to share something with everyone while we zip along at over 400 miles per hour..and I enjoy this lovely cocktail after a long week.

You know when you are about to climb to the next level, the devil will send all of his minions out to get you? My pastor put it in this way (I'm para-phrasing): "If you are catching a lot of hell, keep going, because you have to go THROUGH hell to get to your blessing!" Needless to say I've been catching a little bit of hell lately. People that I thought were in my corner weren't really in my corner, they were just using me for their gain. Read on...

Back in May I decided to take myself, Chris, and several of our friends on a 7-day cruise aboard the Liberty of the Seas. I pretty much paid the vast majority of the cruise...we're talking about $15,000...just to have a good time and to make sure everyone else was comfortable. Individuals showed their ass on the ship, the ship that if I hadn't paid for, they would never be on it. All of this hell went down - believe it or not - on my birthday. My actual birthday. I won't go into the particulars of the incident but let's just say it involved 6 of the 14 people that went with us, words were exchanged and ship's security had to be called. Those individual pretty much will not only never travel with us again, but will never be allowed on a Royal Caribbean ship again. One of these individuals I helped out tremendously. When this person needed their vehicle fixed, I helped. When their children faced the reality of not having a Christmas, I stepped up and gave them money to get presents for their children. And this is how I was repaid? At first I took it personal, but then I realized that it was just the devil using her to make me evil and bitter. That has since passed. Have I forgiven this person (as well as the others)? Yes. Will I speak to them again? Probably not.

Moving on.

There is an individual that works on my team that operates out of the DC office. We do not get along - at all. I have nothing against this person; this person just is the type that will stab you in the back and lie on you at the first available opportunity. Needless to say, me, this person, my boss and their boss had to have a meeting to "clear the air", and they lied. And lied. And lied. Again, the devil using her to make me evil and bitter. And again, have I forgiven this person? Yes. Will I speak to them again? Only if it is work related.

These are just two examples as to how the devil is throwing everything he has at me because the GREATER HIM...God...is blessing me and Chris, over and over and over again. We are in the final stages of purchasing a home, and the devil doesn't like that. We have funds in the bank, and the devil doesn't like that. Work for me is going extremely well, and the devil doesn't like that. My relationship with Chris couldn't be better, and the devil doesn't like that.

As a survivor of many things...living in a home where domestic violence occurred, being robbed at gunpoint, being diagnosed with HIV and now all of this, I can tell you that I have been through, and am going through, hell. But the good news is that I'm just going THROUGH hell, which means that eventually, the devil will tire, and I will pass through hell.

I have done it. You can do it. Just keep going. If you're not going through hell and the devil isn't messing with you, turn around. If you are going through hell and the devil is messing with you, KEEP GOING.

This is my testimony, and I'm glad to share it with you. With that....

End Transmission...at 32,000 feet.

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