Being nice sometimes does pay off....

Last week I wrote in my blog about my attempts to reach out to an ex from 15 years ago simply because I had been concerned about him. In that same entry I found out that maybe it wasn't such a good idea as that person had not changed (and got my hand slapped by my boy Cocoa Rican in the process).

Well, needless to say, I left that situation (and him) alone. However a couple of days ago I received a communique from said ex. He said, in part:

"though I have changed so much, there was a small part of me holding on to other emotions I buried deep and chose not to deal with, which I thought I did. Not going to go into much detail but I wanted to say thanks."

Sometimes being nice, even in the face of adversity, pays off in the way of helping other people. However, will I contact him again? Probably not.

I too, want to thank him though. Through his pictures and his demeanor, it pushed me to get back into the gym and fulfill a long-term goal, which is to lose some of my gut and firm up the upper body. After 3 sessions I'm glad to say that it is working, and I'm down 6 pounds already!

Being nice sometimes does pay off....for all concerned.

End Transmission.


Cocoa Rican said...

I'm so glad that what was intended as a kind gesture, ended well. You have a great heart pa and I assure you, I was more concerned with having your feelings hurt than slapping your wrist for stepping out there. Stay kind, but be true to who you presently are.

Congrats on the body beautiful!

°º§DƏLLA§º° said...

everyone loves a good deed! Keep it up dear!