A note to a dumbass

To the owner of the purple Impala with Illinois license plate H42 3416 that stopped all traffic in my job's parking garage, you are truly an inconsiderate DUMBASS.

At my job there is one entrance and one exit. You pull a ticket or swipe your keycard to enter and exit. Why the hell would you block the entrance with your beat up piece of crap, get OUT OF YOUR CAR, and LEAVE IT TO BLOCK THE ENTRANCE? On top of that you ask me if I can wait a little bit and get an attitude when I say no!

HELL NAW! I'M TRYING TO GET TO WORK! Just because you don't work, don't block it so I can't!

If I see your car again I am just going to have to key the car and whoop your ass.

End Transmission.

- Posted from my iPhone.

Location:W Arcade Pl,Chicago,United States

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