ATL Pride Weekend Ends With Two Men Killed

On Sunday, two men were shot and killed execution style in an apartment in Southeast Atlanta.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 26 year old Calvin Streater of Atlanta and 21 year old Samuel Blizzard Jr of Spring Grove, Virginia, were found murdered execution style. The police believe they knew their killer, and continue to investigate. The police went further to say that they believe both individuals were in town for the Black Gay Pride festivities over the weekend, and that they are questioning a number of their friends to try to retrace their steps.

My heart goes out to these two young men. May they rest in peace.

And now, a personal message to the person or persons responsible for their death:

It hurts my heart that people can't even go out of town and enjoy themselves without being killed. I could easily speculate and say that these two individuals met this person or persons somewhere or on the Internet, went to this apartment to have a night of fun, and wound up paying for it with their lives. I could also go further and say that this was possibly one of the illustrious "DL-WANNA-BE-NEGROES" that frequent (or live in) Atlanta.

But I won't go that route, because unfortunately we don't know all the facts.

I will say this though: Run like hell. I can guarantee you that eventually, you will be caught, whether it be by the Police, a bullet with your name on it, or by God.

I did not know these two individuals, either personally or via Facebook. However it makes me sick to see two individuals trying to have a good time at such a young age, only to be cut down by an asshole that needs to have his ass not only kicked, but stoned, hung and strung up.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

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