I am NOT your personal chaffeur and I don't care if you get mad!

So this past weekend I was in DC for business. While I was there I had the opportunity (by way of an upgrade - thank you Hertz) to drive around in an Infiniti Truck - a QX56 I believe. And yes, I want one.

While I was out and about, I happened to run into someone that Chris and I both know very well. Won't name any names here - even though I really want to. We sit down and eat together in Dupont Circle. This was sometime Saturday evening. So the time comes when it's time for me to go back to my hotel and get ready to depart on Sunday. My hotel is in NW DC; this person lives WAY in SE DC. No offense against SE DC but I'm not driving a $70,000 truck in SE after dark.

So no big surprise that this person wanted me to take them home. But wait a second, my question is, how did you get down to Dupont Circle?

That's right, ON THE METRO.

When I tell them that I don't have time to take them all the way home and then come all the way back to NW DC, they get an attitude, won't say two more words to me, storms out and walks to the Metro. And now this person has blocked me on Facebook! How fun.

My thing is, I will help anyone that I can. But when I say NO, that's it. NO means NO. And besides, it's my damn truck! I have the right NOT to take you anywhere or play your private chauffeur so people can see you in the passengers seat and you can act like you're all that. Boy, please. But it's all good. You got down there on the Metro, you can go home on the Metro. End of story.

Crazy negroes abound...even in DC.

End Transmission.

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LMAO...people kill me! If he got there on metro he can back the same way. No need to get grand now..lol