Reflection: Is It OK To Be Nice And Treat People To Nice Things?

Happy Friday everyone!

This afternoon I was sitting at work when I had a reflection on the past several months of my life. Ever since last year I have tried to help certain people and even treat certain people to nice things. Most times I can see the appreciation and admiration in their actions, however there have been a few times that I not only didn't feel that, but have felt outright used and abused. Those are the times that I've been reflecting on today.

Let's take for example a couple of individuals in Atlanta that I befriended over the past Labor Day holiday, only to have them use me and lead me to thinking that a friendship would happen. Or the individuals on my birthday that I took on a seven day cruise on the largest cruise ship (at the time), only to be insulted, beat up (mentally), spat on (again, mentally), and forced to contact ship security for individuals that I considered friends and that I wanted to spend my special day with. How about an individual that works (or worked, i'm not sure now) at my church that I loaned money to under the auspices of helping her in a serious time of need, only to not hear from that person again. The list goes on and on....and on.

But with the bad apples come a few good ones, such as Chris' mom for helping her get into the house that she's in now. Or the homeless person that I gave a $20 bill to outside of KFC just to get him and his wife/girlfriend/partner something to eat and a place to sleep for the night. Or the Center on Halsted for my continued financial support and for the good that they contnue to churn out for the community at large.

Even with the good that has come out of the bad (I learned who should be in my inner circle, which unfortunately has shrunk to record low levels), I still ask myself, is it OK to be nice to people and treat them to nice things? Unfortunately I don't know that answer, but I feel that it's a shame that complete strangers will appreciate kindness better than people that are your so-called friends. It is a matter of appreciation, I suppose. I feel that everyone should appreciate all of the good that other people do, whether they be a friend, acquaintance, partner, or even a stranger. You never know when your blessing will come back to you...or if you'll need that person again. (As a quick footnote, all of the bad apples that I mentioned know better than to approach me again for anything. The wounds are too deep and the bridge is completely gone.)

Let's think about that for a second...and then move on.

End Transmission.

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