Just trying to be nice, but.....

This past week trying to deal with the new house and all of the issues with it lead to a series of migraine headaches, one right behind the other, daily. I felt that a one day getaway, or "hitting the reset button" would help.

Not so. Well not entirely.

I came to DC to spend Saturday trying to relax. Issues tried to follow me here and I resolved them as best as I could. But it never fails, there's always bullshit out there.

Saturday night I went to Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks. As I was sitting at one of the few tables there this guy comes up and asks if we can share a table. I say sure. So he proceeds to sit down and we have decent conversation....until the relationship subject came up. Then he proceeds to completely blow off the fact that I told him I'm with someone and says "you must not be happy, he's not here with you.". I get up and walk away.

Now I decide I need a drink. So I walk over to Dupont Circle and go to Omega DC for a couple of beers. Why did I do that? Between the strippers eye humping me for money and the young skinny boy that was very tipsy and not taking no for an answer, I did not have a good time.

Now I could easily block all of this out and turn into a bitter jaded old queen that won't speak to anybody and always walks around looking evil and acts like I'm better than everybody. Should I? Is this the only way to be in the gay community now? Act like I'm all that because I have a lover and a house and a good job? Some would say yes, but I can't do that. My mother taught me (and God has taught me) to be nice to people no matter what. But this is surely being tested.

I'm going home today. And suddenly I welcome any problems waiting for me at home.

End Transmission.

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