OK...Real Talk About Our GLBT Children....

This afternoon I opened my Facebook account and noticed that one of my friends posted on his page about another one of our GLBT children committing suicide.

I immediately thought about was how it was when I came out to my parents...oh some 16 years ago now. I was 17 and just coming home from college when my mother suddenly whirled around and told me to my face "I know you're gay!". Of course at the time I denied it, being as I was destined to live in HER house for the time being. We didn't speak for almost two years because of that - our conversations were mostly passing notes to each other, and then my turning to some risky behavior, such as staying out of the house for days at a time at other people's houses that I barely knew (including a one month stint at this guy's house in Wheaton, but that's a different topic for a different day). Eventually I got accepted at another university and moved there, and from there into my very first apartment after landing a job at Chase bank.

Back in those days life was very different. Yes there were stressful times after coming out, but there were also a few people back then that you don't see nowadays. MENTORS. My very first mentor was an older guy named Paul. Paul taught me that I didn't need to run from my issues of coming out and being gay, taught me to stop engaging in the above mentioned behavior, and even helped me get the job at Chase. Paul was a wonderful person and he grew into someone that I loved until his passing. But before he passed away, he taught me one very important lesson:

Everything will be OK.

Folks, please understand the following things:
(1) everything will be OK in time. Life sometimes throws us a curve to make us stronger. (2) People that bully you are usually jealous of you. Take that negative energy and turn it into a positive. God put all of us on this earth for a purpose, maybe your purpose is to let people know that it is OK to be gay and that life will be OK.
And finally, (3), suicide is NEVER, under any circumstances, NEVER the answer. There is no escape hatch to life! By leaving too soon you are robbing those other individuals that will benefit from your blessing!

So please, take a deep breath. Step back. Take the punches. Talk to your peers, counselors and parents. Talk to other "out and gay" youth. Stick together. And never bow out of the fight early.

End Transmission.

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