3 Things That Drive Me Crazy

Hello everyone. Time for another edition of "What Drives Tim Crazy", hosted by your blog owner, Tim! This edition will list the top two reasons why my hair is slowly turning grey based on things that have happened within the past couple of months time. Bear in mind that there are lots of things that drive me crazy, but these are the top two for this edition. And now without further adieu, we start with.....

I walk into a gas station or convenience store with the intention of buying the scratch off lottery tickets. The vast majority (if not all) of lottery retailers keep their tickets in a glass or plastic case where you can see not only the tickets that they sell, but the price of each ticket. When I go to buy a $20 ticket (or more than one) it drive me crazy that the person behind the counter then says "you know those tickets are $20 right?" As if I'm stupid and can't see the ticket and the price of the ticket on it! Are you implying that I cannot afford these tickets? You don't know me very well, do you? I promise you though, the next time that happens, I'm either going to (a) walk out and leave the tickets without saying a word, or (b) tell the shop person "no shit! I CAN READ!"

And now for the icing on the cake.....

I could stop right there.

I have four boxes in my house, two DVRs and two HD boxes. For some strange reason or another, one of my DVR boxes has never worked. They have sent signals, rebooted the box, hell I've even shut down the power in my entire house from the circuit breaker and restarted! They even sent two techs out to the house, but I continued to get the "One Moment Please" message. Customer Service continued to tell me that the box was not on my account, but it's in my house, right? Duh! So they would add the box onto my account and it would work, only for it to go down again a day or two later. This has been going on since late September. So finally, my friend that works at Comcast, took one look at my account and IN TEN MINUTES TIME, figured out that the box was reported "lost" and needed to be replaced. It took one person TEN MINUTES to solve a problem that FIFTEEN OTHER PEOPLE COULDN'T SOLVE IN TWO MONTHS TIME. Again, Comcast.

Oh, and while I'm talking about icing on the cake....

Relationships on Facebook.

Look, we all know that Facebook allows you to post your relationship status on there. Let me just say that if you are "Single" on Monday, "In a Relationship" on Tuesday, "Single" again on Wednesday, "It's Complicated" on Thursday, and "Married" from Friday-Sunday, or if every week you go from "In a Relationship" to "Single", or any combination of the above, you need to STOP USING THAT FACEBOOK FEATURE.

Thank you for joining me for this edition of "What Drives Tim Crazy". Tune in for another adventure.

End Transmission.

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Jackie said...

#1- Yep I hate that too. Next time they ask that stupid question, you can also say, DUH!!
#2- Tim, I'll bet the first times you called and got instructions on the phone on what to do, the person was instructing you from INDIA. Thank goodness for your friend.
#3- Good answer, good answer!