Damn! Where's the compassion???

So today at work we had a town hall meeting and it was revealed that there would be a reduction-in-force starting in 2011. Immediately I start worrying about my job (as I'm sure most of you would as well, given the state of our lack-of-economy). So the town hall ends and I'm back at my desk, when I get a text message from someone...we'll call him "Marcus".

Marcus: How ru
Me: Ok I guess
Marcus: Y is that
Me: Long story. Well not so long. Got some news at work.
Marcus: ?
Me: 2011 will bring a 10% reduction in the workforce.
Marcus: Ahhh. Well u tell me often u have tons of downtime

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you read it correctly. No compassion, no apologies, nothing. Just being a cold, dark, ASSHOLE. This is NOT made up, this is copied directly from my cellphone! Someone I thought was a buddy is quickly turning out to be a total and complete asshole.

But wait! There's more....

Me: Wow. Thanks for the encouragement.
Marcus: Wrong response huh?

Yeah, ya think? Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out buddy!

Then finally...

Marcus: Sorry but it sounds like u were complaining both ways...

Someone PLEASE tell me where I was complaining! I mean come on, you can't make this stuff up!

Which is what I've been saying all along. People are a fuckin trip. I could go on and on about "Marcus", but I think I'll stop right there. If this individual is acting this way now, I can only imagine what would go down if something really serious happened. Suppose I was involved in, let's say, a medical emergency. Would your response be "well you tell me often you have lots of downtime..."?

Show some fucking compassion and stop being such a dick.

End Transmission.

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