Haters Around The Holidays

It happens every year. The "calendar" turns. What calendar you might ask? Let me explain...

I am convinced that some (not all) people that are gay (or bi-sexual) operate on a two-season shift which has everything to do with the weather outside. From November-April, I promise you I will get calls from ex-boyfriends, people that have completely done me wrong, told me to go to hell, etc., wondering "how I'm doing" and if we "can hang out". It amuses me that people think I'm that shallow. Why would I even entertain you up close and personal like that just for...

April-November to come around.
From April-November, just like the Southwest commercial, everyone is "free to move about the country" and not have a care in the world. Some will go out to bars, others will go to park and bathhouses. They will hook up, and shack up, albet temporarily. The next day the cycle starts all over again.

I have a very interesting theory as to why the haters....as I call it....come around during the holidays. You see, we as humans are somewhat like the elephant; we don't like to be alone. We will never admit it, but it is true. Some people just want that warm bed and warm body to be next to, others just want to say they have someone for the holidays. In addition, there are some that simply can't stand seeing you either (1) happy with someone else, or (2) happy being by yourself.

Does that happen to you? If so, here's my response. Tell them in a nice way (remember, Santa is watching!) that you are not interested and to leave you alone. If they persist, then, by all means, push back if they push. Let them know that THEY walked out on YOU (if that is the case) and they need to keep walking.

Thank you. And have a nice day.

End Transmission.

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"You see, we as humans are somewhat like the elephant; we don't like to be alone. "

I totally agree with this post in its entirety!