Racism at its best

Two posts in one week? Who would've thought....

But seriously folks, today I need to touch on a subject that has been eating at me for a while now:

Racism. Yeah, I said it.

Racism comes in all forms, all shapes and sizes. It could either be caucasians against blacks, dog against cat, you get the idea. However you size it up, racism is WRONG. Unfortunately, there are a lot of individuals out there that don't quite get that fact. I'll give you a few examples.

Every night (until recently anyway) there would be this caucasian individual that would take the same train home that I do, and get off at the same stop. This individual would purposely wait until I get ready to get up, and then force his way out in front of me. Now, you might say "oh he's just being an asshole" but I don't notice him doing that to other caucasians. Food for thought. This is called "subtle-racism". Now, you might notice I said in the beginning "until recently". This is because three nights ago when I politely said "excuse me" to get past him, he rudely asked "where are you going", and I showed him where I was going by pushing my way past him. As we exited the station he walked past me and started walking quickly as to get away from him. Little did he know we were going to the same parking lot. I walk faster, he walks faster. I walk even faster still, he starts running. Most people who perform "subtle-racism" usually will spit their venom and run away because they know they might get their asses kicked, or worse. This is typically called a "punk". Moving on....

Another type of racism, the kind which should be avoided at all costs, is "blatant-racism". These are your dicks that will call you a "n-word" to your face (or the totally inappropriate racial slur) and dare you to do something about it. The good news is that these types of racists are far and few inbetween. I only had that happen to me once, and I was in a group of about ten big brothas at the time. After a few words were exchanged, it didn't happen again.

Finally, there is the type that messes with my head each time I see it. "Reverse-racism", where people are completely racist towards their own ethnic group! I mean, there is a difference between not dating someone from your own ethnic group versus not associating, speaking to, or speaking badly about, those in your own ethnic group! There was an individual I knew years ago that told me, to my face, that he "doesn't like black people, doesn't want to be around black people, and HATES black people". Guess what color he is?

The bottom line is, all racists are punks. They use their mouths to say some off the wall shit that shouldn't be said. They use their actions to continue their agenda, and most times they're not all that anyway.

I hope we've all learned something today.

This entry was brought to you by the letter "C" and the number "3".

End Transmission.

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