Gay Boys (not men) Are Full Of Sh!t

I get to get on my soapbox again.

In the gay community, there are two types of males: Gay MEN and Gay BOYS. Gay Men are just that: MEN. They (for the most part) are real, blunt and don't believe in playing games or throwing a hissy fit when they see something they can't have.

But Gay Boys? These are the ones that love to play games, fuck with people's minds, rob, steal (they call it "borrowing") and throw a temper tantrum when they see something or someone they can't have.

I recently had an experience with a gay boy that I met at the Black gay Men's caucus. We talked and agreed to maintain contact with each other, hang out on occasion, grab a coffee, stuff like that. Everything seemed ok until I disclosed some information. And this time it wasn't what you think. This time, it was because I told this person that I was involved.

This is a 20+ year old man acting like a little child, saying all types of off the wall bullshit such as "my comments are bullshit" when I asked this person to stop the constant mention of my relationship each and every time we talked. (They then went back and changed their statement to "my comments are arrogant".) If we're going to hang out and have coffee and get to know each other in a friendship manner, why do you constantly mention that "you're in a relationship", which I'm well-aware of. Been well-aware of that for nearly 3 years now. I mean come on, you can only be my friend, accept it, get over it and move on. If you can't do that then maybe we shouldn't communicate.

Now a gay MAN, at least in my experience, would say something along the lines of "I'm happy for you, we can still hang out, have coffee or whatever, but that's the extent of it", mention it ONE TIME and not go back down that path. Why? Because it has already been said, agreed upon by both parties, and now we're going to move on. Why beat a dead horse or sound like a broken record?

Because that is what gay boys do. They are miserable, evil, jaded, bitter, and love to keep up drama. These are the ones that I cannot stand. And as a final note, the individual that I spoke of was yanked from my Facebook page, and blocked.

End of the line. This passenger must leave the train.

End Transmission.

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