Happy New Year - 11 Days Late

Happy New Year!! It might be a bit late, but I had a nasty case of the flu and was confined to the bed until recently. Now I'm back on six cylinders.

Since I was confined to the bed I had the opportunity to watch a lot of television, and one of the TV series that I have really started to pay attention to is the "Lockup" series on MSNBC. It's a series where MSNBC goes into the maximum security prisons and not only films the conditions, but interviews the inmates. It really amazes me how some of these "thugs" say they want to get out to see their families or be with their children or loved ones, and then you see "UPDATE: so-and-so violated parole on x-x-xxxx and was returned to prison." If prison life is so hard (based on what you said in your interview) and you miss your family and your children so much, then why would you blatently violate your parole just to end up back in jail? Dude, grow up...unless you don't want any responsibility and you just want the State to house, feed and clothe you. Then that means you're not a man. You're a....well, you get the idea.

I have a solution for people that are habitual jailbirds. First strike = minimal time. Second strike = up to 40 years. Third strike = Go to Iraq. Yes, you heard me right, send them to Iraq and Afghanistan. Give them a six shooter and a parachute, and push them out of the plane. Since these folks want to be big and bad, let them be. I guarantee you they wouldn't last ten seconds over there.

It's a new year. It's a new way of thinking. It's a new me.

Today's chat was brought to you by the letter "T" and the number "7".

End Transmission.

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