I'm done with that establishment.

This evening I was at an establishment where food and liquor were served. I was enjoying the company of a few people that I know that hang out there, and enjoying the ambiance of the establishment.

That was, until later in the evening.

As I'm sitting there minding my own business, this individual comes up and sits on the other side of my "bar-buddy". He proceeds to carry on a conversation with him and then asks him "so what's your friend's name?", referring to me. We were introduced and I could immediately tell that this individual was beyond drunk. He asked me name...twice....keeping in mind that I told him my name about 5 minutes prior. He continued to get in my face just saying all types of off the wall stuff, like "you are sooooooo cute" and "you better be lucky you have nice lips", which pretty much made me feel really creeped out.

Oh, did I mention, the owner of the establishment was standing about 2 feet away watching the whole thing, and thought it was funny. Then the owner suggests that I move to the other side of the young lady sitting next to me. Uh, I was there first, why not ask the other guy to either go back to his original seat, or ask him to leave?

It got so bad, I called out to him and asked him to pretty much help me out here because I was starting to feel really uncomfortable. (I mean if the guy called me a bitch one more time, I would have punched him out.) The guy then says "well why didn't you tell ME that you were feeling uncomfortable?" The owner at this point says and does nothing. So I made it easy for all of them.

I LEFT. I closed out my ticket, paid it in full, grabbed my coat and said good night. I hate to say it, but I don't think I will be patronizing that establishment ever again. If an owner, which is standing two feet away, does nothing about an individual that was obviously overserved, I don't need to be there.

And....another one bites the dust.

End Transmission.

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