The One Type Of Person I Can't Stand

In my lifetime I've encountered many different types of people. I've encountered Alpha males, passive-aggressive males, contorl freaks, you name it. But there is one type of person that I truly cannot stand:


I'm not talking about a white-lie type of person (i.e. that person is of a large size but in an attempt not to hurt their feelings they're told they are "thick"). No, I'm talking about a professional liar that lies about stupid stuff they don't have to lie about. Inconsequental stuff. Such as saying you're going to be somewhere and then tell a lie just because you suddenly don't want to go there. Or using the same example, getting other people involved in your lie and then getting caught up in said lie when that person can't confirm what you've said.

Unfortunately these types of people exist and aren't going anywhere. Except out of my life. Look, I'm 33 years old and don't have time for stupid liars like this in my life. Just keep it real with me and I'll keep it real with you. I guess these types of people are too childish to do that.

I don't play games with other people's children.

End Transmission.

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