When A Bartender Wants More Money....

Last night I was at a bar near my home with a buddy of mine. (I won't reveal the name of it just yet.) We spent the evening drinking and eating and ran up a pretty nice tab. The evening comes to an end and I ask the bartender - whom I've known for a while - to "settle up", meaning close out the tab. So the bartender gets the total and brings it to me, all while I'm still talking to my buddy. I give the bartender my credit card, which he processes and brings me the slip to sign.

Here's where it gets ugly.

I sign the slip and instead of leaving a tip on my credit card, I give him all the cash I had on me, which was $10. The bartender gives me back the credit card slip and says "You know you can give me more."


Yes, you heard me correct, the bartender wanted more money for his tip. After I told him that this was all I had and all he was going to get, his attitude somewhat changed. As if $10 (for a $70 tab) isn't enough. Let's do the math....10 percent of $70 is $7.00, therefore I've given him an approximate 15 percent tip!

Believe me, I was extremely offended by that, and it brought back memories of what happened in DC, a little over a year ago. (Click the link to read THAT story.) This is not the first time that this particular bartender has asked patrons for bigger tips and given a shitty attitude when he doesn't get his way, but it's the first time he's done it with me.

Now, I have a few options. I can:
- Stop going to this establishment.
- Put a review on Yelp.com regarding this situation
- Call the owner/manager and advise him of the situation
- A combination of the above or all of the above

The monkey wrench in all of this is the fact that I've known this particular bartender for a while and don't really want to rock the boat, but at the same time I don't like to be treated in such a manner. So what do I do?

End Transmission.

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Cocoa Rican said...

Just as you broke-it-down for us, you should have broke-it-down for him that evening and made clear that you've enjoyed his service in the past and that a 15% tip (especially when that's all the cash you had on you) will need to suffice.

In light of the fact that it is done, I'd forget it all and move on...something tells me that the offending bartender may bring it up again if there is an issue and you will have the ball in your court to SEAL the deal.

Don't strike out first unless he took this further than pouting that he didn't get a bigger tip.