HIV, AIDS, and Black Pride

It's almost that time of year again....summertime. Time to get out of the house, stretch your legs, and have some fun.

Oh, it's almost black gay pride season too.

Black pride? Yes. Black pride. Some areas decided to split off and create their own prides because in the words of someone I know, "their pride wasn't for us".

I digress.

But what exactly should Black Pride be about, especially in this day and age? I can't tell you what it should be about, but I can tell you what it's NOT about....educating our brothers and sisters about the dangers of HIV and AIDS.

You see, people think that because you can take a pill (or a set of pills) that you'll be OK. Nothing could be further from the truth. Imagine going to bed every night taking 2, 3 (sometimes more) pills just to stay alive? Or getting up doing the same thing? Or even worse...taking ONE pill that could cause "vivid dreams" when in fact it can cause you to absolutely lose your mind? (I had a friend on that treatment stay with me one night and he jumped up at 3:00am thinking there were snakes in the bed...THAT'S a vivid dream.)

Most people that I've encountered that attend black pride events (and for the sake of argument, other Pride events too) have only three things on their minds: drinking, smoking weed, and fucking. They don't care about HIV, theyr don't care about AIDS, they don't even care about the reason why Pride exists. I was at a Pride event in Atlanta a couple of years back and overheard this group of young feminine boys say "You don't come down to Pride for a film festival or for education. You come down here to fuck." I couldn't believe what I heard! So you mean to tell me that instead of protecting yourself and learning about the dangers of this disease, you would let some brotha run inside you, deposit their seed in you and move on, without even having the discussion or having them use a condom? Seriously?

My people....this is the time to not only get tested and learn your status, but to do the following:

1) Take a friend to get tested. No, make that TWO friends.
2) USE PROTECTION. If a person wants to have sex with you and doesn't want to use protection, guess what? MOVE ON.
3) Have the discussion about status BEFORE you have sex.
4) GET EDUCATED. There are lots of places you could go. Start with your local health department, or hop on twitter and send a message to my girl @raelt. She's a trailblazer in the community and will most definitely answer any questions you have.

Be safe out there.

End Transmission.

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