"This isn't the City of Chicago I know"

"40 people injured, 10 killed in one of the most violent weekends in Chicago history".

This isn't the Chicago that I know.

The Chicago that I know, the "City of Big Shoulders", the city where people run along its lakefront, go to the Taste of Chicago, dine in outdoor cafes....is gone.

"In 50 hours, 41 people have been shot in 31 incidents..."

This isn't the Chicago that I know.  This is a warzone.

How did Chicago, the city that I love, my home town, suddenly turn into a mini-Iraq complete with outmanned military (police), cowardly officials (city hall), and citizens that in most cases, are afraid to come out of their homes or let their children play because of the fear of being shot?

On March 17 a 6-year old girl was playing in front of her home with her mother, younger sister and a male when someone shot at them, hitting and killing the girl.

This is senseless, and it HAS TO STOP.  But how?

I have three suggestions:

1)  Treat all gangbangers as domestic terrorists.  Capture them, and send them to Iraq with only a six-shooter and some provisions.

2)  Instead of giving these domestic terrorists a slap on the wrist and free room and board in jail forever and ever, see number one above.

3)  If that doesn't work, just remember....in the Middle East (which is what these thugs have turned our city into), if you are caught stealing, they cut off your hands.

The violence in this city has to END.  It is getting beyond ridiculous, beyond senseless.  It is beyond sad.

We need to get back to the Chicago that we once was.  We need to get back to being the City of Big Shoulders, the type of city where you can go out for an evening and not worry about getting shot in the club.  We need to get back to the type of city where the residents are PROUD of living here.  Where the criminals are prosecuted properly, and not given a slap on the wrist for capital crimes.

This isn't the Chicago that I know.  We need to get back to that type of city.

End Transmission.

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