Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old black male was shot and killed by George Zimmerman....and he is not in jail!

Shocking isn't it?  Not really.

In the state of Florida, it is relatively easy to obtain a concealed carry permit. One person told me that "it's so easy a 7 year ok could do it".  (Hopefully not THAT easy.)  So it comes as no surprise that you have honest civilians, concerned citizens...and the occasional nutjob...that has a gun.

But from what I've seen and heard, that was not Treyvon.

After a 17 year old is murdered in cold blood....and let's call it for what it is....Zimmerman's friends in the police department help cover it up for him. Why do you think the police chief resigned so suddenly? Why now, a MONTH later, does it come out about these alleged injuries?  And, in a final sense of cowardice, do they try to tarnish his name by PHOTOSHOPPING PHOTOS OF HIM ONLINE trying to make it seem as if he is "the typical black gangbanging thug".

This makes no damn sense!
Or does it?

Does anyone remember Emmitt Till?  If not let me help you.  Emmitt Till was murdered for whistling at a white woman some nearly 60 years ago. The murderers were acquitted! Hmmm....sound familiar?

Now Zimmerman has gone into hiding. Hmmm....I wonder why? Is it because you did WRONG, LIED to the police, disobeyed their orders NOT to follow or confront Treyvon, and acted like a little cowboy?

We may never completely know the truth. But one thing is for sure. Treyvon died in cold blood, in this blogger's opinion. He died committing the horrible act of WWB: Walking While Black.

End transmission.

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Ride Forever 1996 said...

This is my state and I am so very embarrassed to be able to say that. I think I'm just going to say I'm from Vermont by birth from now on. Justice for Trayvon!