Mitt Romney and his plans

So unless you were under a rock last night, you know that President Obama and Mitt Romney had a debate last night.  The two sides came on stage and shook hands.

And that's where the similarities end.

While watching the debate, it amazed me how Mitt Romney was.  I found him to be rude, arrogant, stupid, and it made me angry.  During the debate he not only cut off President Obama multiple times, but even cut off the moderator and wouldn't let him do his job, which is to moderate and steer the discussion.  Romney even threw a little temper tamtrum saying "well he [President Obama] got to start so I get to finish".  Really?  This is a man that wants to be the leader of our country?

Another thing that amazed me was the lack of explanation of plans from Mitt Romney.  He kept tossing out facts (which turned out to be lies 47% of the time), and criticizing President Obama at almost every turn.  What Romney didn't say was that (and most people know this), his party, the Republican party, has blocked Obama at almost every turn, preventing him from doing any real and true good.  That's one part of his plan:  Block the President and blame him for his inability to do anything because the republicans have blocked him.  Smart (ass) plan.

The second part of his plan is for those with pre-existing conditions.  You see, Obamacare (and even President Obama said he likes that term) will ensure that the insurance companies cannot screw anyone over that has a pre-existing condition, which nowadays is nearly half of the adult population.  Adults are popping a pill for something or another, but that's a different discussion.  Romney wants to eliminiate Obamacare and replace it with....that's right.  He didn't have a clear plan for that.  But if you did some digging, you figured it out:  He likes private plans.  So....if private plans BEFORE Obamacare dropped people due to pre-existing conditions, what do you think is going to happen when Obamacare is repealed, as he put it, on his "first day in office"  Let me tell you what's going to happen:  All those people with pre-existing conditions, Romney is going to load into the Titanic, have it sail to the middle of the North Atlantic, and ram it into an iceberg.

Finally, and most importantly, Romney talked big game about the deficit and that he can "cut the deficit".  But, he (you guessed it) offered no real plan to do that.  He also talked about creating jobs, however his record shows that he is big on outsourcing jobs to other countries.  Can you imagine reading a sign at the border that says "Welcome to America...outsourced to another country"...I mean seriously!

I'm not one to tell people who to vote for; I believe everyone has the right to make their own decisions.  But after watching the debate last night, isn't it clear what time it is?

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